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online Golf coaching

Want to work with us on your game, but live outside of our area or abroad? Online coaching programs deliver a private, remote training experience via video golf lessons that allow you to level up your skill with us from anywhere in the world.

Make Payment, submit your swings and leave the rest to us. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 

“Super high energy. Great analysis and very specific on what to work on and in what order. Can’t go wrong with Jeff!”

Jay M.

Skillest Student

Online Coaching FAQs

Download the “Skillest App” and search Jeff Ritter. All programs will be listed within the app and all transactions will be made via the app as well.  Once you’re set-up and your swings are received, we’ll send your analysis and lesson plan back to you within 5 business days. 

Please send at least two videos of your swing from “Face On” and “Down Target Line” perspectives. Use a Tri-pod or have a friend position/hold the camera roughly waist high. Your “Face On” video should be recorded perpendicular to the target line with the camera aiming directly at the center of your body. Your “Down Target Line” video should be recorded with the camera aimed on a line directly between the ball and your feet. Unreasonable camera angles make it difficult to accurately review your swing, so please do your best to follow these guidelines.

Once your swings are received, we’ll return your video analysis and lesson plan within 5 business days.

Following receipt of your completed analysis, you can connect with us via the Skillest App to have any questions answered regarding your lesson program.