Our System



Effective coaching provides an exciting journey in possibility. Our style of communication makes playing a better game simple and efficient for every player.

Pillar PerformancE

The pillar is a source of strength and support. It’s the foundation for growth and the roadmap for realizing your playing potential.

The MAKE THE TURN training experience is rooted in a pillar system of engagement which includes: Skill Building, Mindset, Fitness, Strategy and Self-Discovery based protocol. Each aspect of pillar methodology is based upon proven practices in human development, providing you with an array of opportunities to upgrade your game from tee to green.

4 Step Formula

Our system creates inspired action that delivers immediate and lasting results. Let us help you learn to “flow” through the least line of resistance on your journey to personal fulfillment and lower scores.

1: Identify Your Pattern

To be different from what you are, you must first have awareness of what you are. Understanding your current on-course behaviors is the foundation for considering alternatives for positive change.

2: Strengthen Your Pillars

Awareness shifts to education as our coaches elevate your performance IQ. Through our integrated approach to development, we deliver the tools unique to you to unlock your scoring potential.

3: Make Your Move

The secret to achievement lies in the process. Our coaches use advanced technologies and practices to break down common barriers, opening the door to a fast and effective success transition.

4: No Failure Zone

A lifetime of enjoyment in golf is a product of embracing the challenge. Our learning formula turns fear into freedom, as you develop a creative and empowered approach to advancing your skill and enjoying the game.


A Better Game Is Only A Click Away

“If there was one spot I could go agin to have a once in a lifetime experience, it would be with Jeff Ritter.”

Dave Weinbrenner

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