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2021 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best Academies In The West!”

Founded by Golf Digest’s #1 ranked coach in Oregon and Golf Channel Lead Coach, Jeff Ritter, ‘MAKE THE TURN’ curriculum utilizes cutting edge practices in learning and skill development to make the road to achievement both simple and doable for every golfer.

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MAKE THE TURN experiences follow a cutting edge formula designed to educate and empower while quickly delivering results. Used by all of our coaches, we take the complexity out of the golf game and lessons, making positive action both simple and doable for every player.

“With time being the scarcest of our resources, I highly recommend Jeff Ritter’s Make the Turn app for players at any level.”

“The future is full of possibilities for those players who integrate technical and human skills. Jeff’s platform is all about that.”

“Jeff understands there’s more to it than just the golf swing. His knowledge in mindset, strategy and health compliment his approach allowing him to coach players as individuals to maximize their performance.”

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We are now OPEN For Business, while practicing social distancing. Schedule a lesson today!

Golf Fanatics School
Bend, OR

Join Golf Digest Top Ranked Teachers: Jeff Ritter, Andrew Rice, Erika Larkin and Adam Bazelgette August 16-18 for a game changing experience! 

NIKE Junior Golf Camps!

We’re bringing our Nike Summer Camp programs to Central Oregon!