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THE LEAN 18 is comprised of 18 simple solutions that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle to deliver the greatest impact on how you look, feel and perform. It’s a flexible approach to building a solid nutrition foundation, without compromising on flavor or fun. The truth is, you CAN eat healthy and enjoy amazingly delicious foods! LEAN 18 lifestyle-based coaching programs yield long-term health benefits leading to an increase in wellness, self-fulfillment and better daily performance. Meet with our team to set specific goals, receive dietary feedback and have personal health questions answered. THE LEAN 18 is dedicated to helping you, your family or business embrace a healthy and sustainable way of living! A staple of our golf school and corporate programming, LEAN 18 coaching is available one-on-one and may be scheduled exclusive from or in conjunction with any private lesson experience. Check out THE LEAN 18 E-Book or Personal coaching offered via Phone, FaceTime or Skype to provide inspiration and support from anywhere in the world!

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The Lean 18 ebook. Coming soon to Amazon and itunes!

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Cate Ritter

The “go to” expert for for some of the world’s top publications, Cate’s road to nutrition was literally born on the links. A top ranked Northern California Junior and standout collegiate athlete, Cate speaks the player’s language, clearly understanding the unique demands of both competitive and recreational players. Creator of the MTT LEAN 18 program, Cate offers nutrition consulting for corporations and individuals looking to feel better and reach their potential through better health. Cate’s perspective on wellness has appeared on Golf Digest, Golf Channel, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Runner’s World, Outside Magazine, US News and World Report and ABC TV.

Our leaders had an invaluable experience with Cate. We highly recommend her to any team looking for a delicious breakthrough for success!

- Nick Severino, Vice President Apple


    Whether your goal is to get lean, reduce inflammation, or simply eat better, you’ll find THE LEAN 18 e-book to be delicious, doable and sustainable. THE LEAN 18 is comprised of 18 simple nutrition changes you can incorporate on a daily basis that will have the greatest impact on your health and weight loss goals. By following one tip at a time, you’ll learn just how easy it is to take control of your health. One little dietary upgrade after another builds a healthy foundation. Gradually these habits become part of your lifestyle – transforming your body and improving the way you feel and perform. COMING SOON TO Amazon and iTunes!
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  • Lose Weight

    Are you suffering from stubborn body fat? Do you eat less and exercise more without seeing results? How would you feel if you reached your weight loss goal? THE LEAN 18 delivers simple and delicious strategies that create sustainable results. LEAN 18 meals and practices are carefully chosen to prevent insulin spikes, increase metabolism, curb cravings, reduce inflammation and support permanent fat loss. Say good-bye to fad diets, weight loss drugs and quick-fix injections. There’s no need to torture or deprive yourself to achieve a lean, energized body that helps you to be your best on or off the course.

  • Increase Energy

    Do you suffer from daily fatigue? How would your life change if you had more energy? Sustainable energy doesn’t require an endless pot of coffee or dangerous energy drinks. THE LEAN 18 helps you fuel your body for success at home, on the course or in the workplace. Discover your personal super foods. Know what to eat, when and why. Avoid the late day crash, and play strong to the finish in every endeavor.

  • Reduce Inflammation

    Do you suffer from aches and pains? Are your joints stiff and inflamed? How would your life change if your body felt great every day? Many people experience chronic inflammation from such things as poor dietary choices, digestive issues, or environmental toxins. Unfortunately, when many people feel pain they seek quick relief in pills that mask the body’s warning signal that inflammation is present and inhibits the body’s ability to repair, heal and protect itself. Over time, chronic inflammation results in weight gain, digestive issues, food sensitivities, allergies and hormone imbalances. Many modern diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmunity, are caused or worsened by hidden inflammation. LEAN 18 coaching provides simple, healthful solutions that help tame the flame for good!

  • Detox and Feel Renewed

    Are you having difficulty losing weight, experience sugar cravings or feel chronically congested? Daily living exposes us to a tremendous amount of toxins on a regular basis. Although the human body is equipped with a full detoxification system, our modern world consistently overloads us with so many toxins that nearly every person on the planet could benefit from extra detox support. LEAN 18 coaching supplies effective detox solutions to cleanse your body for peak performance.

  • Create A Healthier Environment

    Better health isn’t just about the foods you eat. THE LEAN 18 helps create a healthier home to positively impact the health of the entire family. Is your cupboard stocked for success? Do you have the tools to safely prepare foods with the ease and effectiveness of a world-class professional kitchen? Is your water supply void of dangerous chemicals? Are you using harmful household products such as detergents and cleaners that are adversely affecting your health? Is your home protected against mold toxins while promoting a safer air quality? THE LEAN 18 delivers simple solutions that upgrade the safely and quality of your living environment inside and out.

  • Build A Powerful Workforce

    MTT LEAN 18 corporate programs are a fun and effective way to develop a stronger business. Our delicious and interactive culinary activities inspire your team with unique tools and strategies to increase energy, improve focus, lose weight, gain more restful sleep, reduce sick days and improve overall health. Key components sustainable high-level performance in the workplace. We create simple solutions that are delicious, doable and sustainable that supply your team with the tools to delver a winning performance and long-term return on investment. Select from a variety of programs that include fun and interactive culinary exercises to support connectivity and interaction within your group.

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