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Pillar performance

The MTT training experience is rooted in a pillar system of learning and engagement. Each aspect of pillar methodology is built upon proven practices in human development providing participants with clarity of purpose and inspired action to deliver a winning performance on and off the course.

The pillar is a source of strength and support. It’s the foundation for growth and roadmap for sustainable achievement.

- Jeff Ritter


Impact. Speed. Control. Three words that describe the components within every great golf shot. Welcome to the world of I.S.C. A systematic approach to player development designed to educate and empower while quickly delivering real, lasting results. With our proven approach to awareness and adjustment, in just minutes you’ll understand more about your game and hit it better than ever guaranteed.


Great contact begins with learning to deliver a consistent and predictable bottom to the golf swing. A major component of a clean strike, distance and compression, our I.S.C. coaching system shows you how to simply and efficiently develop this important fundamental exhibited by the game’s greatest players.


Do you generate enough speed to compete at the highest level, efficiently tackle your home course or keep up with your friends? Does your short game exhibit staunch distance control on shots inside 100 yards? Whether it’s power or finesse, I.S.C. training delivers simple, game changing principles to elevate your performance from tee to green.


Do you create a consistent and predictable curve to your golf ball, allowing you to easily strategize and manage your game? Can you control both trajectory and spin on approach and green side shots, putting you in position to shoot your best scores? With I.S.C. you’ll be energized and empowered as you learn the secrets to creating any ball flight on command.

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Learn the MTT system for mental toughness designed to help you unlock your greatest performances. Whether it’s golf, business or life our mindset program delivers the tools to elevate your game. A staple of our 2 Day Golf Schools and Corporate Athlete Retreats this inspiring component of our curriculum stretches your imagination, reveals possibility and provides action steps towards realizing your true potential.


Are you operating 100% inline with your authentic desires? MTT mindset coaching provides unique tools and practices to help you gain clarity of purpose in every endeavor on or off the course. Think big, strip limitations, and create a definitive path in game or business with this inspiring and critical practice in achievement.


Without a doubt, the number one barrier to success is waiting. MTT mindset coaching helps you break though self-imposed road blocks while creating a plan for confident, inspired action.


What separates big achievers from the rest of the field? MTT mindset helps you develop the tools to raise your game above the competition. Stay focused, eliminate doubt and unlock your greatest performances with simple practices designed to give you the mental edge.

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The body is the vehicle for life facilitating our ability to compete and live powerfully on and off the course. MTT Fitness training delivers a no excuses highly effective program to upgrade your game and lifestyle. Whether it’s longer tee shots, pain free living, or keeping up with the physical demands of business travel, our team makes feeling good effortless and fun. Connect with our fitness team by appointment or as part of our 2 Day Golf Schools and Corporate Athlete offerings.


MTT fitness training helps you build muscle and increase power while supporting overall health. Each session is built from a mindset of fun, inspired action that delivers lasting results. Whether it’s a bigger tee ball or staying fit on the road, our “no excuses” program provides the tools you need to succeed.


Eastern philosophy suggests the secret to living well lies in one’s physical and mental flexibility. At MTT we like to say that “People are at their best, when they feel their best.” A core component of our golf school and executive programs, we’ll show you how in just a few minutes a day you can increase motion and alleviate pain, allowing you to be your best on or off the course.


Good cardiovascular health boosts metabolism and supports weight management. With MTT fitness you’ll learn to efficiently increase endurance with a quick “no excuses” regimen that delivers big results. No more long and arduous sessions on the bike or treadmill. We’ll show you how to shorten your workouts while still creating maximum benefit, giving you more time to handle business on or off the golf course.

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People are at their best, when they feel their best. Lean 18 Nutrition coaching gives you the tools, inspiration and support to meet all of your health and wellness goals. Increase energy, improve focus and nourish your body like never before. Whether your goal is to get lean, reduce inflammation, eat better at home or on the road you’ll find our Lean 18 nutrition program to be inspiring, easy and delicious! Connect with our nutritionist by appointment or as part of our 2 Day Golf Schools and Corporate Athlete offerings.


Do you feel energized to train and compete as a sustainable high-performer? Are you sharp and alert throughout the day while getting restful sleep regardless of workload, schedule or time zone? The Lean 18 program delivers natural, proven solutions that increase energy while promoting overall health. Learn what to eat, when to eat and how to make consistently sound food choices that support your road to success.


Nothing diminishes your ability to perform like mental fatigue. Whether it’s finishing strong in the last few holes of a tournament or staying sharp and engaged with clients or associates, Lean 18 coaching provides the resources to help you stay on top of your mental game.


Good health doesn’t come from a diet or pill. It’s not about restriction or killing yourself to lose a few pounds. Real health is about learning the tools for inspired living that deliver big time results. With The Lean 18 you’ll learn that you can enjoy delicious foods, while getting lean, building muscle, eliminating aches and pains and nourishing your body in the way it deserves.

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mtt performance is a universal system for achievement on and off the course

elevate your game

MTT supplies the tools, inspiration and support to take you the distance. Reveal possibility, unlock the secret and make the turn to your best game ever.


activate your lifestyle

People are at their best when they feel their best. Challenge yourself with the support of our team as you strive for a higher standard of living.

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