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Systematic Achievement

MTT is not only a curriculum for education, but also an inspiring and efficient system of coaching for achievement. Used by all of our coaches, the MTT system is designed to quickly develop personal awareness and then put into motion a plan for success that is inspiring, effortless and fun.

Performance In Motion

MTT coaching follows a four step formula of learning designed to educate and empower while quickly delivering results.

Our system creates inspired action that delivers immediate results. This mindset is the driving force behind all that we do.

- Jeff Ritter


Identify Your Pattern

To be different from what you are, you must first have awareness of what you are.


Strengthen Your Pillars

Awareness shifts to education as our coaches elevate your performance IQ.


Make Your Move

We increase expectations for how fast and effective your success transition will be.


No failure Zone

A lifetime of enjoyment is the product of embracing the challenge.

Why it works.

Success is the result of a well thought out plan born from knowledge, care and leadership. Whether you’re seeking inspired action in golf performance, mental toughness, fitness or nutrition, our team has a passion for coaching and works hard to deliver a winning experience.

Experience the results.

Our expectation is for every training session to produce significant gains, while inspiring new levels of possibility.

Reveal the possibilities

  • 000 +
    Increased Distance
  • 000 %
    Higher Level
  • 000
    3 Putts
    Per Round
  • 000 +
    Greens In
  • 000 +
    Fewer Strokes
    Per Round
  • 000
    Weight Loss
  • 000 %
  • 000

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