World Class Warm-Up

The coverage for golf is so encompassing these days that we now know exactly what the professionals are doing to prepare each day, but just in case you’re not a golf-aholic that watches Golf Central more than CNN like we are here at THINQ; you may not be aware. So here is what the majority of men and women on the pro tours are up to before the first tee.

1. About 30 min to 1 hour of stretching and light aerobics to get the blood flowing and to prevent injury.

2.A brief stop at the putting green for a few min to see if the superintendent is up to anything funny with green speed that day.

3. 45 min or so on the driving range to run through the bag and dial in some specialty shots needed for the day and to get the body fully up to swing speed.

4. A few pitches and chips around the practice green and from the practice bunkers to get greenside feel honed in nice and sharp.

5. Lastly, about 20 min on the putting green because ‘drive for show and putt for dough’ has been proven to be more reliable than tomorrow’s sunrise.

Professional golfers take a plethora of steps to get the oxygen flowing northward to their minds and it’s more than just a second cup of coffee.

But there is something that is being left out of the conversation that pros are doing that isn’t getting transferred to the amateurs. All of the steps are taken to get the body ready to play, but what about warming up the mind? Doing everything described above without spending time to warm up the mind is like letting your car warm up in the cold weather for a few min, but then putting a driver in front of the wheel who’s still asleep. Well, it turns out that pros are warming up their brains, but like a lot of important news, it’s not making the front page.  We’re finding that professional golfers take a plethora of steps to get the oxygen flowing northward to their minds and it’s more than just a second cup of coffee. Pros are doing things like playing crossword puzzles, playing Sudoku, meditating, reading and much more. We can do better than that can’t we? Crosswords and Sudoku are fun-ish, but they’re not very golf specific. Much in the same way we used to not know a lot about how to have golfers properly work out their bodies, we are now breaking through on what players can do to improve their golfing minds. But most importantly we want golfers to be able to do these activities on the course and practice tee.

This is one of the reasons THINQ Golf’s games are available on both iPhone and android devices. We wanted you to be able to take a couple minutes before the round, whether it be in the locker room, on the range, or sitting in the cart waiting for the group to clear the first tee, and bring your mind into the state that has been proven to be the same state that the best players in the world are getting to when they play their best.
Picture it…you’ve got 10 min to your tee time. You could head to the putting green to try and iron out every last kink you may have that day. (we all know that the practice green before a round is no place to do this) Or you simply pull out your phone, play a couple games and know that you are putting yourself into the zone.

Who knew that warming up your mind could be such a no brainer?

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