Thrive Market: Healthy Online Convenience

I’m on a mission to make healthy living delicious and doable, so it’s sustainable. Thrive Market fits perfectly with this mission, as their goal is to make healthy living easy, affordable, and accessible for everyone. Thrive is the first socially conscious online store that offers superior products at 25-50% off retail prices.

Thrive Market is like Whole Foods had a baby with Amazon. You get high quality products and great deals. To check it out Click Here. 

Thrive has a wide variety of items, including food, supplements, home, personal care, beauty products and pet stuff. They’ve carefully chosen the best brands, many of which are organic, non-GMO and fair trade. Whether Paleo, vegan, raw or gluten-free, Thrive has plenty of products to fit your personal preferences.

It gets even better. For every paid membership, they donate a membership to a low-income family. Read more about Thrive here. Get started by clicking here to save 15% on your first order.

Top 10 Products

1. Coconut oil, unrefined (Nutiva, Thrive)
2. Dark chocolate (Alter Eco, Eating Evolved)
3. Dark chocolate almond bar (Primal Kitchen)
4. Gelatin & collagen (Great Lakes)
5. Paleo Wrap (Julian Bakery)
6. Salad dressings (Primal Kitchen)
7. Salmon (Wild Planet)
8. Sardines, in water (Wild Planet)
9. Sea salt, fine ground (Celtic)
10. Tea, sweet rose (Organic India)

They’ve carefully chosen the best brands, many of which are organic, non-GMO and fair trade.


• Apple cider vinegar, raw (Bragg)
• Artichoke hearts, canned (Native Forest)
• Avocado oil (Primal Kitchen)
• Bone stock (Pacific Foods)
• Cacao nibs/cacao/butter (Navitas Naturals)
• Chips, kale & veggie (Wonderfully Raw, Alive & Radiant)
• Chocolate bars & treats (Alter Eco, Eating Evolved)
• Coconut aminos, soy sauce alternative (Coconut Secrets)
• Coconut cream (Let’s Do Organic, Native Forest)
• Coconut milk (Native Forest)
• Coconut oil, unrefined (Artisana, Thrive, Nutiva)
• Coconut products (Artisana, Let’s Do Organic)
• Coco-Roons (Wonderfully Raw)
• Collagen (Great Lakes)
• Cookies (Go Raw, Wonderfully Raw, Good Bites)
• Crackers, gluten-free (Mary’s Gone Crackers)
• Curry paste, red or green (Thai Kitchen)
• Fiber: chia seeds, flaxseeds (Spectrum)
• Fish sauce (Red Boat)
• Flours: coconut, almond (Nutiva, Thrive)
• Fruit, dried, organic (Woodstock)
• Gelatin (Great Lakes)
• Ghee (Tin Star, Organic Valley)
• Granola, grain-free (Paleonola)
• Hearts of palm, canned (Native Forest)
• Herbs and spices (Frontier, Simply Organic)
• Honey (Really Raw)
• Jerky, beef/bison (Tanka or Epic)
• Ketchup, organic (Annie’s)
• Lard, Tallow or Duck Fat for cooking (Fatworks, Epic)
• Mayonnaise, canola-free (Primal Kitchen)
• Mustard (Annie’s)
• Nut butters (Artisana)
• Nuts and seeds, organic (Woodstock, Go Raw)
• Olive oil, extra virgin (Bragg)
• Palm oil, red (Nutiva)
• Pasta (Jovial, Tinkyada, Explore Asian)
• Pizza crust mix, Paleo (Julian Bakery)
• Protein powder (Tera’s Whey)
• Pumpkin, canned (Farmer’s Market Foods)
• Salad dressing (Primal Kitchen)
• Seafood, sustainable — sardines, anchovies, white anchovies, tuna, salmon, etc. (Wild Planet)
• Sea salt (Celtic or Himalayan)
• Sea vegetables and seaweed chips (SeaSnax)
• Snack bars (Tanka, Epic, Larabar, Exo, Primal Kitchen)
• Stevia sweetener (SweetLeaf)
• Tomato paste, sauce, etc. (Jovial, Bionaturae, Muir Glen)
• Wraps, Paleo (Julian Bakery)


• Coconut water, unsweetened (ZICO)
• Coffee (Organic Coffee Co.)
• Herbal coffee (Teeccino)
• Tea (Traditional Medicinals or Organic India)
• Yerba Mate (Guayaki)


• Candle, coconut wax (Pure Plant)
• Crystal salt lamp (Evolution Salt Co.)
• Deodorant (EO Organic or Primal Pit Paste)
• Hair, face & body (Acure)
• Household cleaners (Meyers)
• Laundry powder & wool dryer balls (Molly’s Suds)
• Liquid soap (Dr. Bronner’s Organic)
• Neti nasal cleansing pot (Ancient Secrets)
• Produce bags, reusable (Blue Avocado)
• Relaxation: eye pillow & lavender oil
• Tongue scraper (Dr. Tung’s, The Dirt)
• Toothpaste (Nature’s Gate)
• Water bottle (U Konserve)


• Bitters, Digestive (Urban Moonshine)
• Bitters, Energy Tonic (Urban Moonshine)
• Bitters, Immune Zoom (Urban Moonshine)
• Bitters, Joy Tonic (Urban Moonshine)
• Fermented Cod Liver Oil (Green Pasture Blue Ice)
• Green powder (Amazing Grass)

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