The Golf & Leadership Connection

One of the things that makes golf unique is the unlimited number of lessons the game can teach you that are applicable to your success off the course. An interesting parallel is the “process” associated with a high-level golf performance and sound business leadership. In fact, the same elements that make up a professional pre-shot routine are the very same principles a CEO may use to inspire an empowered workforce. The connection is so relevant, learning how to develop an effective pre-shot routine is one of the most important lessons we share with clients who attend our Make The Turn Corporate Leadership program at Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach. Whether on the tee or in the boardroom, consider the following to turn in a winning performance.


Every great success starts with a confident decision. When preparing for a golf shot, ask yourself, “How specific can I be in creating my clearest intention?” Imagine in detail the exact nature of flight and result. See the process in action and stretch your imagination to inspire the most exciting representation of what you will create. Just as in producing an amazing golf shot, a well-led company needs a vision. A great leader defines that vision in a manner that facilitates steadfast purpose and action for their team to follow.

Just as in producing an amazing golf shot, a well-led company needs a vision.


In golf, a confident decision is followed by communication. Here the brain communicates to our muscles in a way that best prepares them for action. We do this through rehearsal swings that prime the live performance about to come. With the mind and body working together, the mission becomes strengthened and free from doubt. Just as there is a process for programming your body to hammer a ball confidently across a deep ravine, a great business leader will program their team for success. Within the vision they empower their workforce with a clear and strategic plan to follow. Elevate the quality of your communication and you’ll be sure to supercharge your opportunity for optimal results.


Your best performances take place when you permit yourself to act with total freedom. Freedom comes from trust and trust is a product of belief in your training. Whether it’s executing a golf swing or business plan, micromanaging the effort often gets in the way of your ability to thrive.

The next time you’re looking to go big, remember to get clear with your intention, communicate effectively and get out of the way. It’s great formula for success no matter what you wish to accomplish.

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