Super Health Secrets

What do sex, sauerkraut and stock have in common? They each have an amazing ability to transform your health! Whether you suffer from weight gain, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, or a weakened immune system, these 3 tips are the perfect combination for feeling good, looking young and benefiting your body.

Sex: Stress-Reduction + Connection

Orgasms release the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which releases endorphins that promote feelings of relaxation. Not only can sex boost your mood, but it can even strengthen your immune system by increasing leukocytes or “killer” cells. Other benefits include: better circulation, improved focus, increased mortality, enhanced focus, anti-aging and overall pain reduction.

Sauerkraut: Probiotics + Vitamin C

Raw sauerkraut, or fermented cabbage, is a great source of probiotics (good bacteria) and vitamin C. Together these nutrients are especially beneficial for digestion and the immune system. They’re also helpful for acne, constipation, nutrient absorption and detoxification.

Homemade sauerkraut is ideal. The next best thing is store-bought, but make sure it’s “raw” or “unpasteurized.” You’ll find these great brands in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods Market: Farmhouse Culture and Ozuke. Farmhouse Culture now sells “gut shots” too. The kraut juice “gut shot” is excellent for eliminating constipation.

Enjoy sauerkraut with sausage and peppers, meatballs and raw milk cheese, eggs and potatoes, or on top of beef stew with creme fraiche. It’s also yummy by the spoonful before meals.

Stock: Minerals + Gelatin

Homemade stock is an excellent source of minerals and gelatin. Gelatin is especially helpful for healing a “leaky gut” and many digestive problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s disease, etc. Gelatin supports hydration, HCL production, digestion, nutrient absorption, liver detoxification and immune functioning. It’s also great for the health of your bones, joints, hair, skin and nails.

Try this easy Whole Chicken in a CrockPot, then use the bones to get started with this simple stock recipe. Enjoy in soups, stews, sauces or as a nourishing beverage.

Homemade stock is ideal. The next best thing is Great Lakes Gelatin (add to soups, stews or broth) or Great Lakes Collagen (add to coffee, shakes or smoothies).

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