MTT Turn 10 Workout

Looking for a real scorcher of a training session? Our very own David Jack puts you to the test with the MTT Turn 10 Workout!


Split Squat and Push/Core series


1. Form first. Before your form fails, rest.  Regain composure and return to the work at hand.

2. Seek to honor your full range of motion. Strive for the extra inch, but do not sacrifice quality for quantity.

3. Stop with any unnatural pain (which is different from a burn).


Round 1

A. Hold a split squat for 30 seconds at a full range of motion.  Shin straight up and down, knee over ankle, front foot flat, weight on balls and heel, hip joint at or below knee joint, chest up, shoulders down, no arch, face relaxed without holding your breath.

*If you can’t hold for 30 straight, shake it out and get back in as fast as possible.

B. Once 30 seconds is complete, hold a side plank for 30 seconds.  Straight line, elbow under shoulder, strong and long body line, face relaxed, without holding breath.

Rest 30

C. Switch lead leg on split squat and hold for 30

D. Switch plank side and hold for 30

Rest 30

Strive for the extra inch, but do not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Round 2

A. bodyweight split squat for reps for 30 seconds.  Full range of motion, no rush.
B. Front plank hold for 30 seconds.

Rest 30

C. Repeat on other leg for 30 seconds of reps
D. Front plank 30 seconds

Rest 30

Round 3

A. Split squat hold for 30

B. Push up (flat back, strong abs and thighs, head in line with spine, full range of motion, rest when form fails, elevate hands for assist) – count your reps

Rest 30

C. split squat hold on the other leg 30 seconds
D. Push up for reps 30 seconds – count and try to match your reps
Cool down for 60, catch breath, light stretch – grab water


Share with friends your push up reps from the 2 attempts in round 3 and the level of challenge – 1 no challenge, 10 call 911.
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