MTT Spotlight: The Andrew Fischer Story

MTT is all about believing in possibility, stripping self-imposed limitations and acting courageously on the things that bring excitement to your life both on and off the course. That’s why when we come across stories about real people who “Think Big” and “Go For It” we love to share their journey to success with our readers.

Check out the story of Andrew Fischer. A passionate golfer and fitness professional who had the dream of working with the best players in the world. Andrew’s road to achievement embodies every aspect of MTT mindset coaching, where the elements of Clarity, Action and Discipline work together to deliver a game changing experience.

Every day I woke up became an opportunity to make my dream become real

How far did Andrew go with his dream? Watch the video and find out. We hope you love this story as much as we do!

Andrew Fischer and Bubba

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