Make The Turn is a high-performance coaching brand for dedicated golfers to unlock their potential, while dramatically elevating their enjoyment for the game. Coaching experiences are comprised of 4 pillars of achievement which include golf performance, mindset, fitness and nutrition. To Make The Turn is to possess the knowledge, tools and support to go the distance in dedicated pursuits both and and off the course. It’s when goals are authentic, visible and within reach as you live with passion and purpose.


The body is the vehicle for life facilitating our ability to compete and live powerfully on and off the course. MTT Fitness training delivers a no excuses highly effective program to upgrade your game and lifestyle. Whether it’s longer tee shots, pain free living, or keeping up with the physical demands of business travel, our team makes feeling good effortless and fun. Connect with our fitness team by appointment or as part of our 3 Day Golf Schools and Executive Athlete offerings.

Whether it’s a bigger tee ball or staying fit on the road, our ‘no excuses’ program provides the tools you need to succeed.


MTT fitness training helps you build muscle and increase power while supporting overall health. Each session is built from a mindset of fun, inspired action that delivers lasting results. Whether it’s a bigger tee ball or staying fit on the road, our “no excuses” program provides the tools you need to succeed.


Eastern philosophy suggests the secret to living well lies in one’s physical and mental flexibility. At MTT we like to say that “People are at their best, when they feel their best.” A core component of our golf school and executive programs, we’ll show you how in just a few minutes a day you can increase motion and alleviate pain, allowing you to be your best on or off the course.


Good cardiovascular health boosts metabolism and supports weight management. With MTT fitness you’ll learn to efficiently increase endurance with a quick “no excuses” regimen that delivers big results. No more long and arduous sessions on the bike or treadmill. We’ll show you how to shorten your workouts while still creating maximum benefit, giving you more time to handle business on or off the golf course.

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