MTT 4 Step Formula

MTT is more than motivation to get up and go after the things that are important to you. It’s a structured system of coaching, designed to quickly reveal possibility while delivering real and lasting results. Whether your goal is better ball striking, increased mental toughness, a more functional body or a healthier lifestyle, every MTT training session follows a systematic formula for achievement. Embrace the simple road map below and you’ll be on your way to being the best you can be.


“In order to become different from what you are, you must first have an awareness of what you are.” This powerful mantra is the cornerstone behind the beginning of every MTT journey.

Everyone has a pattern or behavior related to performance. The pattern can be associated with contact and ball flight, thoughts or perception, physical movement or functionality, as well as patterns in how we select foods for the betterment or detriment of our efficiency and well being. In order to create a fast and effective plan for development, you first must have a full understanding of exactly where it is you are NOW in your current state of performance. Through creative communication, advanced technologies and techniques in pattern recognition, we provide a simple breakdown of your current patterns in a way that allows you to clearly understand and see, perhaps for the first time, exactly WHY you get the results you do. This critical step in the learning process effectively elevates your “Performance IQ” empowering you towards informed, confident and positive action.

This discovery session in personal awareness only takes a few minutes, but the impact on the speed of learning and development is immeasurable. We always tell our clients,”Once you fully understand WHAT IS you can then begin the fun part of deciding what WILL BE!”


MTT is a pillar based system encompassing 4 foundational components: Golf Performance (Skill Building), Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition.

Once you’ve worked with our coaches to achieve (Step I – Identify Your Pattern) you then transition to Step II which is strengthening the educational foundation from which your success will emanate. If your goal is elevating your golf performance or shot making proficiency you may increase your understanding of how factors such as: swing path, club face, angle of attack, delivery loft, contact point and speed work together to produce ball flight. The fundamental absolutes which make up the contact associated with any golf shot. Armed with the proper information and understanding of the fundamentals of success, you’re just a few moments away from making the shift to experiencing the results you’ve been looking for.

A big point we hammer home here, is that nothing is either good nor bad in golf or life until we make a decision to that fact. There are only thoughts, followed by actions and then results. The result you’re getting is simply the product of the action before it. So in essence if you’re slicing, shanking or even missing the ball, you’re simply doing everything absolutely “perfect” to deliver that result. We “THINK” these results are bad, but that’s really just an assessment derived from the human ego. The great news is, most people simply aren’t 100 percent clear about what they should be doing to find a result that provides the enjoyment they’re looking for. When you “strengthen your pillar,” information is correct and communication is sound in a manner that allows an “adjustment” in pattern and results take place. It’s an efficient formula that delivers instantaneous advancement towards your ultimate goals.

People often ask us, how long it should take for them to improve. Our answer always, is that we believe you should improve immediately. With good coaching it really is that simple.

People often ask us, how long it should take for them to improve. Our answer always, is that we believe you should improve immediately.

Step III – Make Your Move

Once you’ve experienced (Step I – Identify Your Pattern) and (Step II – Strengthen Your Pillar) You’re ready to enjoy the big payoff of “Making Your Move” to your NEW performance pattern.

Supported by the proper mindset, we again increase our expectations for how fast and effective your transition will be. In golf performance, we do this by focusing on the “one” core concept that will quickly unlock your true potential. Within minutes, we expect you to see, feel and experience an exciting result that inspires and empowers you to believe you deserve more out of your game. Once you reach this milestone in achievement, we show you how to apply this new behavior to every shot in the bag during your very first session. At MTT we believe the fastest way to great golf is to play as many shots as possible with the same basic alignments and attitudes. Does this mean that all swings are exactly the same? No. But our system shows you how to quickly and seamlessly transition your new swinging action to deliver big results in any situation. Not in a week, month, 10 or 20 lessons, but right now. That’s why the MTT training system is such a “game changer.” In just one session you dramatically elevate your entire game!

Step III is the most critical part of the development process and demonstrates why coaching is so important. This is where the coach creatively helps the player confidently step into their own brilliance by taking them on a journey they very likely would be unable to experience alone. Like a snake shedding its skin, the player must systematically step into a fresh and new way of being. Every aspect of sensation and imagination must be challenged in a manner that both exciting and fun, while delivering that immediate result. Do we expect the first adjustment to deliver our ultimate final product? No. But the faster the coach assists the player in experiencing an outcome that’s different and favorable from their previous pattern, the sooner the player will ignite the inner purpose and passion necessary to ultimately reveal their true potential.

In coaching, there’s nothing more fun than creatively helping someone see just how good they can really be. Engage in the system and see just how fast you can shift to the person and player you’ve always wanted to be.

Step IV – No Failure Zone

The final step in the MTT system of learning is developing the ability to live in the “No Failure Zone.” This means stripping the desire to label outcomes as positive or negative and instead seeing outcomes as results.

When you upgrade your learning mindset, you possess the ability to stay excited and inquisitive about the challenge associated with performance. In the example of building your ball striking skills, as you experience each result, your newly elevated “Golf IQ” empowers you make educated adjustments allowing you to shift contact and flight at will. This powerful “MTT Moment,” effectively increases confidence and raises expectations as you exhibit the influence and control of a master shot maker!

A favorite story related to achievement is about a young boy who enters the karate dojo and asks his Master, “Master….when will I be a black belt?” To the boy’s dismay the Master replies, “You will never be a black belt, as someone who would ask such a question doesn’t have the patience and discipline to do what is necessary to become a black belt.”

This story reminds us that golf and life continually present us with unique challenges. Allowing ourselves to fall victim to the roller coaster of emotion associated with an undisciplined way of thinking lessens our ability to embrace the “art of play” and derails the goals that we wish to achieve.

When you can find excitement in the challenge, joy in the struggle and live in the “No Failure Zone” you possess the tools to “Make The Turn” to your greatest achievements!

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