Mobicoach app is a game changer!

The hottest new golfer experience on the market just might be an iPad based app called “mobicoach.” Located in Silicon Valley, mobicoach offers players the opportunity to take LIVE “real-time” lessons anytime, anywhere, from any coach in the world who has the technology.

If you have an iPad with a front mounted camera (iOS8 or newer) you might just be able to learn everything you wanted to know right from your back yard or living room.

Says mobicoach CEO Vijay Nadkarni, “We saw a need to help golfers find a more efficient way of learning. With busy schedules many people who would like regular coaching simply don’t have the time. Another issue we looked to solve was providing golfers with the ability to learn from their ultimate coach of choice, versus who was available near their home or office. When you knock down the barriers to improvement, you inspire people to have more fun working on their golf games.”

A FREE download from iTunes, the app has a number of interactive features. Students can import pre-recorded video into the session or even hit shots LIVE for review. With each swing the app captures the player’s movement and then simultaneously loads the clip onto both the player’s and coaches tablet. Both coach and player have control of the screen allowing each to play, frame-advance and even draw lines through advanced white-boarding technology. Following the session, coaches can recored a re-cap video of key points. All video taken or shared during the session is stored automatically on the student’s tablet for easy access and review.

For the first time ever, golfers can engage in an online learning experience that’s as effective as if they were working in person on the lesson tee

“For the first time ever, golfers can engage in an online learning experience that’s as effective as if they were working in person on the lesson tee” says Nadkarni.“ Both coaches and students seem to agree. The app is creating such a buzz it was featured with a full-page story in the April 2015 issue of Golf Digest Magazine.

MTT Performance, A Golf Channel Academy located at Poppy Hills uses mobicoach to connect with players across the globe. According to MTT CEO and Founder, Jeff Ritter, the technology is a real game-changer. “Coaching is all about building relationships.” Says Ritter. “And not everyone can easily make it to our academy in Pebble Beach. Having the ability to coach players from afar or follow up with our students on a more regular basis, really expands our influence. When a student can show you exactly what they’re doing and have all their questions answered via a live HD quality stream, you have a powerful tool for positive player development.”

Ritter and his team are currently offering first time users 25% off this remote coaching service. “We want to help as many golfers as possible have more fun playing the game.” Says Ritter. “We guarantee a fantastic learning experience to the 100% satisfaction of anyone who engages in the program.”

To take advantage of this great offer provide the Code MTTLIVE.

Getting started with the MTT Interactive training program via mobicoach is as easy as 1-2-3.

1 –  Download the FREE  mobicoach app in the iTunes store.
2 – Set-up your FREE account at
3 – Email the MTT Team directly for rates, payment details and to schedule your appointment.

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