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Is Your Coffee Bogey-Proof?

It’s the first day of your club championship and naturally you’re feeling a bit nervous that morning. Okay, you’re really nervous! Plus, you had a late dinner and a few drinks with some pals the night before, and you’re a little weary. So you grab a few energy bars and a second cup of regular caffeinated coffee in the clubhouse and head out to the first tee.

Good idea? Not really.

Under pressure, a normal cup of morning joe is likely to stimulate your nervous system even more. It’s going to raise the level of cortisol in your body, increasing your fight-or-flight response and making you feel even more anxious or jittery over that first big 3-foot putt for par.

And that’s not all. Regular coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides; thus, it contains a large number of toxins and chemicals you don’t want in your body. These toxins can leave you feeling fatigued and sluggish, and can cloud your judgment. Those dairy creamers and artificial sweeteners you also add to your coffee? They’re not helping you perform better under pressure, either. They contain hidden sugars which, when combined with caffeine, put you on a roller-coaster ride of sugar highs and lows throughout the day.

Regular coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides; thus, it contains a large number of toxins and chemicals you don’t want in your body.

Now, not all coffee is bad for you. In fact, coffee does boast many health benefits. Caffeine has been shown to stimulate the brain and improve mental performance. It’s also known to increase the level of serotonin—a neurotransmitter—in your body, contributing to feelings of well-being and happiness. Coffee beans are also rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols, which are helpful in metabolizing carbohydrates and improving brain functioning and memory.

But to get all of these quality benefits you can’t sabotage your coffee by littering it with so many toxins, artificial sweeteners and imitation dairy products. You want an organic coffee that contains beneficial fats and natural sweeteners. And you want to supplement it with a healthy breakfast containing high-quality proteins and natural fats (eggs, nitrate-free bacon or sausage, protein shakes with grass-fed whey protein powder, cottage cheese with raspberries and/or peaches, etc.).

So is there such a super-coffee out there that will help settle your nerves, keep you energized and focused, and contribute to more birdies and pars? In fact, there is. Many of you who shop at Whole Foods Markets might know it as Mammoth Coffee—a blend of organic coffee, coconut butter and grass-fed butter. Others might know it as Bulletproof Coffee, a popular coffee drink among executives in California developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey, a body hacker who’s mission was to make everything in his life better, including the coffee he drank.

At MAKE THE TURN Performance, we have our own spin on it known as Bogey-Proof Coffee. What makes ours different is that we eliminated the coconut oil and added a few other ingredients we found to be more beneficial to the body (see “Bogey-Proof Coffee Recipe” sidebar). Cinnamon helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels so that your energy is more even throughout the round, and stevia (I recommend the 100% pure SweetLeaf brand) also helps to eliminate those sugar highs and lows you get from artificial sweeteners and sugars found in most coffee add-ons. Bogey-Proof Coffee is also made from organic whole beans—which helps improve the flavor and antioxidant quality of the drink—and not pre-ground coffee.

If you regularly drink coffee before your round, try our upgraded version of Bogey-Proof Coffee. You’ll not only handle stressful situations on the course like a pro, you’ll start to play more like one, too.

Bogey-Proof Coffee Recipe


- 8-12 ounces of organic coffee (preferably from whole Arabica beans)
- 2 teaspoons unsalted grass-fed butter (preferably Kerry Gold Brand)
- Dash of cinammon
- Stevia 100% natural sweetener (1 packet)


- Brew coffee as usual with filtered water
- Combine ingredients above and stir well or blend for 20 seconds for a frothy treat

Coffee On the Go

Rushing out the door to make your tee time? If you have to order coffee out, then select an organic coffee where available. Ditch the traditional creamers and choose either an unsweetened brand, half-and-half or almond milk (in that order). Add stevia or cinnamon for sweetness.

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Cate Ritter is Director of Nutrition for MAKE THE TURN Performance and creator of the THE LEAN 18 lifestyle-based coaching program. For more information about LEAN 18 Click Here.