How You Do It: Tiger Woods Part 2

In Part 2 of this series we take a look at Tiger from the top, down through impact and into the follow through. To learn more about how we set this whole thing up and the full story from address to the top Click Here to check out Part 1 of “How You Do It: Tiger Woods.”

Click through the slideshow above to see the entire swing sequence.


GOOD POINTS: Another textbook spot to copy for the people at home. Notice how the club shaft is perpendicular to his spine angle, as his chest leans forward into attack position.

TENDENCIES: Tiger’s “attack move” can get so strong that his head drops an unreasonable amount into the transition. This is something he’s worked to remedy over the years.


GOOD POINTS: Tiger’s club shaft just above his forearm is perfect for the leftward swing path he needs to produce the fade. As long as his face is a little open to the path, the ball will bend nicely back to the target.

TENDENCIES: Tiger used to always complain about “getting stuck,” which meant getting his arms and club shaft too much under plane and or behind his body turn. You can see that tendency no longer exists.

Tiger used to always complain about ‘getting stuck,’ which meant getting his arms and club shaft too much under plane


GOOD POINTS: His chest and lower body are rotated open to the target as he exhibits a perfect amount of right side bend through the shot. Also take note of how stable his footwork is. He’s making a strong move to his left side while only showing a small amount of air beneath his right heel.

TENDENCIES: He tends to hit is awesome.

Post Impact

GOOD POINTS: Notice the exit point of the shaft right at mid-torso. Another indication that he’s swinging his hands, arms and club shaft nicely to the left for a fade pattern.

TENDENCIES: A higher exit point for the shaft at or even above the left shoulder can be more conducive to a block or hook. You can clearly see that’s no longer an issue.

3/4 Follow Through

GOOD POINTS: Right arm swinging across the chest and through the left shoulder with the eyes, shoulders, shaft, club face AND right foot, all close to matching the original shaft angle. Pretty awesome.

TENDENCIES: Amazing shots, followed by lots of clapping.


GOOD POINTS: Chest out, shoulders back and full extension of the hips. I like to call this the “hero shot” because his posture looks so strong he could be wearing a cape! Another great look to practice at home.

TENDENCIES: We like to build our heros up and then tear them down. For naysayers, Tiger’s off course troubles and constant tinkering of his swing have made that easy. Although he’s taken a beating the past few years, he may still prove to be the greatest there has even been.

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