Healthy Snacks To Enjoy On-The-Go!

Ditch the office donuts and pass on airplane peanuts. Unfortunately, most snack foods, in their clever and oh-so-pretty packages, are filled with salt, sugar, bad fats and ingredients you want to avoid. No matter where your adventures away from home lead you, learning a few tips will prepare you for any situation.

Quick Tips

1. Plan Ahead

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Be proactive and pack healthy snacks to have on standby to refuel your body and brain between meals. Set aside 15 minutes on the weekend to put veggies, 1/4 cup of nuts and protein shake ingredients into individual containers or baggies so they’re ready to grab-and-go. Wrap veggies in a damp paper towel before storing to keep them fresh for up to 12 hours outside the fridge!

2. Always Pack

Making smart food choices out can be challenging. You never want to find yourself stranded with a handful of quarters and a vending machine. Support your body and your blood sugar levels by packing a snack to enjoy between meals. No matter how small, it’s always nice to have a snack option. If you don’t eat it, then you can save if for the next day. Be sure to include an ice pack if your food is perishable.

You never want to find yourself stranded with a handful of quarters and a vending machine.

3. Read Labels

Keep it simple. Think single-ingredient foods, such as fruit, nuts, veggies, etc. The less refined, the better. For example, instead of eating a candy bar, grab some dark chocolate. Swap the sugar-filled snack bars for nuts and fresh fruit. Start making better snack choices by creating balanced snacks or “mini meals.” Listed below are some healthy snacks that will help you feel refreshed, energized and satisfied.

Keep it Cool — Fridge or Ice Pack Snacks

• raw veggies: baby carrots, snap/sugar/snow peas, sliced peppers/cucumber, tomatoes, cauliflower
• hummus with veg (carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, cauliflower) or Mary’s Gone Crackers
• guacamole with veg (carrots, peppers), Mary’s Gone Crackers or organic corn tortilla chips
• raw milk cheese with Mary’s Gone Crackers and/or olives
• hard-cooked eggs and avocado sprinkled with sea salt
• prosciutto wrapped apples with goat cheese
• cottage cheese with raspberries and/or peaches
• yogurt/kefir medley or parfait with cherries/berries
• smoked/leftover/canned salmon with avocado/guacamole and cherry tomatoes
• chocolate chia seed pudding
• cold shrimp with pesto and sliced tomatoes/red peppers
• “PB&J” peanut butter and sliced banana sandwich
• cinnamon raisin toast with mascarpone and green apple slices or nut butter and banana slices
• leftover meats, Aidells precooked chicken apple sausages or minimally processed deli meats with sliced cheese/avocado or nuts, such as meatballs with walnuts or turkey rolled with avocado

Dried Goods — Stock Your Desk/Briefcase/Purse

• fresh fruit, especially berries, cherries, and green apples.
• fruit/celery/cucumber/crackers/toast and nuts, nut butter or a nut squeeze pack
• Go Raw sprouted pumpkin seeds, on their own or with diced apple and cinnamon
• Quick Protein Shake: Tera’s Whey grass-fed protein powder mixed with Greens First and water
SeaSnax sea weed chips or kale chips
Tanka Bar Wild Bison Jerky
Steve’s Paleo jerky, granola or nuts
US Wellness Meats Grass-fed Jerky and/or Pemmican
• Mary’s Gone Crackers, gluten-free pretzels
• Healthier indulgences: Alter Eco dark chocolate, Larabars, Go Raw cookies
• Wild Planet canned seafood: salmon, sardines, tuna, shrimp, anchovies. Examples include: salmon with hummus and olives, sardines with walnuts and cayenne, anchovies with cheese and crackers, tuna on toast with tomato and creme fraiche, or shrimp with guacamole and salsa.

The Office Mini Fridge

• Brain booster: canned salmon/sardines with walnuts/avocado
• Power performance: hard-cooked eggs and avocado sprinkled with sea salt
• Eat your veggies: hummus with carrots, cucumber and olives
• Greek yogurt with frozen cherries/berries, cinnamon and stevia (optional serving of protein powder)

The Airplane Pick-Me-Up

• Super satisfying: canned salmon mashed with avocado and sea salt
• Mix it up: 1 serving whey with 1 serving green powder and water
• Sweet-tooth treat: cashew squeeze pack with a banana and dark chocolate

The Road Trip Cooler

• Hands on the wheel: grass-fed jerky/pemmican, pecans and an apple
• Strangely addictive: SeaSnax sea weed chips or Go Raw sprouted pumpkin seeds

The Ultimate Mom

• Quick energy: apple and walnuts or banana and cashew squeeze pack
• Something substantial: Tanka Bar Wild Bison Jerky
• Tasty treat: “PB&J” peanut butter and sliced banana sandwich or a Larabar

After School Energizers

• prosciutto wrapped apples with goat cheese
• cottage cheese with raspberries and/or peaches
• yogurt parfait with cherries/berries and slivered almonds
• chocolate chia seed pudding

Note on bread: use gluten-free homemade bread, Paleo bread, sourdough bread or “sprouted” bread.
Additional Info

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