Drop 10 Shots Off Your Golf Score

Unless you play your golf on TV or are the reigning club champ, chances are you’ve got a few strokes to save. Although there are a number of ways to game plan your way to lower scores, here are a few MAKE THE TURN tips to help shape your next practice session or time on the course.

Stay On Course

Your road to lower scores starts with getting your tee shots in play. Notice I didn’t say “in the fairway” but rather within the boundary acceptable for scoring. Short shots onto short grass aren’t going to make much difference, but a few more yards still clear of trees, bunkers and O.B. will do the trick. Late in the evening when the course is empty, go out for 9 holes and hit 10 tee shots off of each tee box. Don’t worry about playing out, just pick up and continue. With 7 driving holes you will hit a total of 70 tee shots for the nine. Count how many balls put you in a position of advantage and keep a running log of your progress. Doing this drill periodically will create confidence in your most important club out of the box.

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Short shots onto short grass aren’t going to make much difference, but a few more yards still clear of trees, bunkers and O.B. will do the trick.

Love Your Wedges

No matter how good you are, you’re going to miss greens. Whether it’s chipping, pitching or sand shots you have to be able to get safely on the green in one shot with a reasonable length putt to convert. Your sand or lob wedge are the most versatile clubs in your bag and can hit all the shots you need. Your goals here are developing a finesse attitude along with a predictable bottom to your swing. Double your practice time in this area, have fun and get creative. With with proper mindset and solid contact the sky is the limit.

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Perfect Your Pace

Three putting is mostly a result of still being too far away after your first putt. If you’re not hitting your approaches to close range, you’re going to need the confidence to at worst easily get down in two. To get tuned into controlling your speed, putt balls from the center of the practice putting green to the fringe in an “around the clock” rotation: 12, 3, 6 and 9 O’Clock. Make it your goal to putt the balls as close to the fringe as possible without hitting it. This will help hone your long putting skills leading to less three putt greens. Notice I said, “long putting” and not “lag putting.” Just because a putt is long, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to make it. With the proper speed any putt it up for the taking.

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Think Like A Caddy

A caddy is there to help you stay confident, calm and having fun. Talk to yourself the same way a caddy would. Remind yourself to make confident swings to conservative targets and select shots and strategies with the highest likelihood of success. Adopt a little positive self talk to stay pumped and in the moment. A little pat on the back every now and then will take you a long way.

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The Shot You’ve Got

When on the course, I tell all of my students to ask themselves, “What’s the shot, I know I got?” This means sticking with high percentage stuff you absolutely know you can pull off versus hitting shots you think are appropriate, or haven’t even practiced. Whether it’s your bread and butter ball flight or even putting from well off the green, “The Shot You’ve Got,” will always turn out better than one filled with indecision or doubt.

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