Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a unique fat that is especially helpful for weight loss, strengthening the immune system, and improving digestion. Loaded with benefits, it’s an easy ingredient to include to take your health to the next level with little effort.

1. Boosts Metabolism

Fat-Burning MCTs

Coconut oil is composed of thermogenic or heat stimulating medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that boost metabolism. In fact, you can actually feel your body temperature rise after eating a large serving of coconut fat. The special structure of MCTs make them more likely to be burned as fuel than stored as fat. If that’s not enough for weight loss support, studies also show MCTs have an appetite reducing effect and similar fat burning benefits as fasting.

MCTs have an appetite reducing effect and similar fat burning benefits as fasting.

2. Strengthens Immunity

Immune-Boosting Lauric Acid

Rich in lauric acid, coconut oil contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties that support the immune system, fight infections, protect the body from harmful pathogens and promote overall gut health.

3. Improves Digestion

No Bile Needed

As you begin enjoying more natural fats, coconut oil is the best fat to start with as it doesn’t require bile salts for digestion. Thus, coconut oil is much easier on your digestive system. If you’ve had your gallbladder removed, have diabetes, digestive issues or pancreatic problems, then coconut is an ideal fat source.

4. Ideal For Cooking:

Heat Stable Saturated Fat

Coconut’s high saturated fat content makes this oil ideal for cooking at higher temperatures, like sautéing, baking, roasting, grilling and stir frying. Although most people think of olive oil as a good oil for cooking, coconut is a healthier choice. Unlike olive oil, coconut oil has a high heat point, making it much less susceptible to harmful oxidation that contributes to inflammation throughout the body.

How To Include Coconut Oil

Replace vegetable oils, cooking sprays and margarine with coconut oil and you’ll notice a drastic improvements in your overall health. Use coconut oil to sauté meats and veggies, make popcorn, or add to beverages and baked goods. Note, if you don’t like the taste of coconut, you can combine coconut oil with pastured butter or olive oil. Coconut oil can even be used for natural hygiene and beauty remedies.

Select: unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil with no other ingredients listed.

Avoid: refined, hydrogenated, non-organic, bleached or deodorized.

Storage: keep at room temperature for up to 2 years.

Note: coconut oil is solid when cooler than 72 degrees and liquid when warmer than 72 degrees.

Additional Health Benefits

View 1,500 studies showing coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet
• Improves Antioxidant Levels & Can Slow Aging
• Natural Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment
• Improves Memory & Brain Function
• Can Reduce Seizures
• Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels and May Lower Heart Disease Risk
• Balances Hormones (especially pre-menopause) & Supports Thyroid Function
• Natural Treatment for Candida and Yeast Infections
• Kills Harmful Pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi)
• Protects the Liver
• Reduces Inflammation & Arthritis
• Prevents Osteoporosis
• Cancer Prevention & Treatment

Other Coconut Products

Other full-fat coconut products contain similar health benefits to coconut oil.

Coconut Butter is made from whole coconut flesh. Use for low heat or raw purposes. It’s delicious by the spoonful or mixed with almond butter for a delicious treat.

Coconut Milk is versatile and easy to make on your own. Canned coconut milk is the next best option, but be sure to select one with a BPA-free lining and minimal ingredients, such as Native Forest. Avoid coconut milk in the carton as they’re mostly water with lots of additives. Coconut milk works well as a dairy-free replacement for cow’s milk in most recipes.

Coconut Cream is basically the coconut milk without all of the water. It’s the cream on top of the coconut milk that you find when you open a cold, undisturbed can of coconut milk. Coconut cream works well when you want something thicker than coconut milk, such as in ice cream or whipped cream.

Shredded Coconut and coconut flakes are made from the flesh or meat of coconut. Shredded coconut can be added to shakes, smoothies, “milkshakes,” raw desserts and baked goods. Coconut flakes are delicious toasted and tossed on salad or mixed with nuts and honey.

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