7 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is one of the most enjoyable things you can do to improve your well-being. Sleep is therapeutic for the brain, transformative for the body and essential for optimal health. Sleep improves metabolism, aids weight loss, balances hormones, supports healing, reduces depression and anxiety, increases energy, reduces signs of aging, and much more. As the body’s natural cosmetic, there are many reasons to get your “beauty sleep.” Knock yourself out with these simple tips to improve the duration and quality of your sleep.

7 Tips To Knock Yourself Out

Soak Up The Sun

As little as 15 minutes a day of direct sunlight can help your body reset its internal clock and synchronize your biological rhythms. This is especially helpful for those suffering from jetlag or time zone changes.

Avoid Stimulants

Coffee, cocktails, cardio and other stimulants interfere with your body’s natural biological rhythms, including your sleep hormone melatonin. To get better zzz’s, avoid caffeine after noon, resist alcohol and exercise three hours before bed, and enjoy dessert earlier in the day.

Relax & Unwind

Create a relaxing sleep ritual about 1-2 hours before bed. Avoid stressful or stimulating activities. Turn off electronics and silence phones. Calm your mind by laying with an eye pillow, journaling (gratitude), taking a bath, practicing gentle yoga, reading or meditating. Minimize bright lights by using accent lighting,Himalayan salt lamps, battery operated candles, F.lux and amber-tinted glasses.

Set-up The Bedroom

Promote more restful sleep by creating a relaxing, clean, cool, quiet, comfortable and dark sleep environment. Wash the sheets regularly, set the bedroom to a comfortable temperature, turn on a fan to block out external sounds, cover windows and unplug electronics.

Go to Bed Earlier

Whether you want to utilize the time you have while the kids are asleep, watch one more TV show or reply to another email, staying up too late disrupts your hormones. Late nights interfere with sleep quality, cause you to wake up throughout the night and leave you feeling groggy in the morning. As a remedy, start to wind down at sunset and strive to be in bed by 10:30PM.

Get More Sleep

Going to bed earlier will also help you get more sleep, preferably at least 8 hours a night. Make it a habit to go to bed and wake up at about the same time every day. Try to also get about the same hours of sleep each night. In other words, don’t try to catch up for getting 6 hours of sleep all week by getting 12 on the weekend. A consistent sleep routine will greatly benefit your body composition and overall health.

Eat Magnesium-Rich Foods

Most Americans get less than 25 percent of their magnesium requirement daily. Magnesium calms the nervous system and relaxes muscles, allowing your body to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Get more magnesium by eating green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach), nuts and seeds (walnuts, pumpkin seeds). A high-quality supplement can also help you reach adequate levels.

Make sleep a priority, your health is worth it and you deserve it!

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