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7 Habits Of High Performers

As a coach, I’m often asked what key attributes are necessary for someone to reach a certain set of goals. As I believe achievement is a universal pursuit, not limited to one’s golfing potential, it’s interesting to consider the behaviors employed by high-performance individuals which dramatically increase the likelihood of success in any endeavor.

Practice Authenticity

Believe it or not, the most successful people in the world have it easier than everyone else. They have more excitement, energy and follow through all because they’re doing exactly what they want. They operate 100% in-line with their authentic desires simply because they have chosen to do so. They’re inspired by the fact there is a choice associated with every action and believing otherwise is nothing more than a victim’s way of thinking.

They understand that safe, practical and responsible are nothing more than uninspired words designed to protect people from doing such silly things as “getting their hopes up.” They believe only from truth and purpose can you find greatness.

Make Decisions vs Goals

Successful people exhibit a higher level of belief and commitment. The recurring skill which exists at the beginning of each performance cycle is the ability to upgrade the commonly accepted “goal” mindset to a “decision” fueled action. What’s the difference? A goal leaves open the possibility of “not” whereas a decision removes all doubt. Take the following examples: “My goal is to break 80.” “My goal is to be top salesperson in my company.” “My goal is to lose 15 pounds.” Now upgrade these goals to decisions. “I’m breaking 80.” “I’m going to be the top salesperson in my company.” “I’m losing 15 pounds.” It’s a powerful perspective unique to sustainable high-performers.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

Take Action

Whereas most people are constantly tripped up in figuring out the “how” associated with getting a result, the world’s highest level performers understand that, in the beginning, “how” is the least important part of the equation. They believe that within their greatest desires already lie the mechanics for their own fulfillment and that only in movement will the path present itself. They take immediate action understanding that only through declaration can the world conspire in their favor.

Establish A Winner’s Circle

High-performers understand the importance of coaching related to their success and enlist the help of skill specific trainers, mentors and advisors to continue elevating personal growth and accountability. They surround themselves with a “winner’s circle” of support, who believe in the mission and challenge them to a higher level of achievement.

Think Sustainable

High-performers have a plan for success which combines technical, physical, emotional and recovery based practices that collectively support the road to the top. Effort without care always comes at a cost. Those who love their craft are thoughtful in their action to remain healthy, energized, happy and committed for the long haul and beyond.

Find Power In Perception

Psychologist William James said, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” Successful people love the advantage they get over the competition simply from choosing to see opportunity where others do not. They’re consistent in this pursuit and have fun challenging themselves in this practice each day.

Practice Flexibility

We’ve been taught the mantra “no pain, no gain” but top performers don’t believe that, especially when the pain is born from stubbornness. The most successful people are smart thinkers who know when it’s time to pivot or shift course. Known as “revising your map,” this high-level practice provides flexibility within any plan should new or better information dictate an adjustment in strategy, mission or purpose.

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