5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Golf Gift

Golfers are a fickle bunch to shop for over the holiday season. To make sure you get high marks in the gift giving category, consider these tips before making that big purchase!

1. Ask What They Want

When it comes to golfers, secrecy isn’t always a good policy. The golfer in your family has their heart set on something specific and any new highly rated putter, wedge, driver or awesome pair of shoes isn’t going to be well received. These gifts aren’t low ticket items. They’ll be thrilled even if they know it might be coming!

2. Easy Does It!

Your dream is to have your significant other or spouse dive into the game with the same love and passion that you have. The thing is, playing golf is a commitment that’s entirely personal. Instead of setting up that special someone with a $1,500 guilt trip, try something simple like an introductory clinic or couples program you can enjoy together. Most facilities have brand new demo sets and clubs on site for them to use during coaching. If they get hooked, then consider going big at a later date.

3. Gift Cards Make Everyone Happy

Say you want to really surprise someone with a new set of clubs? Buy a gift card to a certified professional fitter who has the ability to fit and sell all of the top brands. This allows the recipient to decide for themselves what equipment they like and perform with the best.

Usually, the more ‘Golfy’ an item looks, the faster it’s going to find its way into a junk draw or garbage bin.

4. Skip The Junk

If you’re not a golfer, don’t assume that every gadget, calendar or keychain that has a golf ball dangling from it is a welcomed gift item. Usually, the more “Golfy” it looks, the faster it’s going to find its way into a junk draw or garbage bin.

5. Think Outside The Box

There are many more great gifts than equipment and apparel. Tech items such as range finders and user friendly game analyzers such as Zepp Golf are pretty cool. A surprise high quality item at a ridiculously low price is the new Kirkland brand golf ball available at Costco. Other gifts to consider might be a practice club membership at a local facility or fitness session with a golf certified trainer (Only if this is something they’ve been talking about, as nobody likes being told they need to get in better shape).

Finally….if budget isn’t a concern, consider teaming up with a few others and giving the guys or girls a trip to a bucket list golf destination. It’ll probably cost about the same as a bunch of equipment and they’ll remember it forever!

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