17 Weight Loss Tips For 2017

Need help getting your health back on track and shedding fat after the holidays? The start of the new year is when you get excited to make this year your best year ever. You might set lofty and even unhealthy goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. But, why not ditch the resolutions and make every year your best? Whether trying to reduce body fat or simply eat better, below are 17 small daily changes to get started. Each tip focuses on making healthy living delicious and doable, so it’s sustainable.

17 Health & Weight Loss Tips for 2017

1. Eat More Mindfully
When you improve how you eat, you’ll naturally improve what you eat. By eating more mindfully, slowing down and chewing more you’ll improve digestion and feel full faster.

2. Hydrate With Water
Hydrate each morning with a large glass of water and pack a bottle to refill throughout the day.Hydration improves metabolism, detoxification, digestion and overall health.

3. Choose Whole Foods
Stop counting calories and start focusing on nutrients by choosing natural, one ingredient foods over man-made, processed products. Whole foods contain more nutrients to support health and weight loss.

4. Read Food Labels
Make it a habit to always read food labels. Look for minimal ingredients. Avoid labels with refined sugars, flours, and any ingredients you can’t pronounce. Aim for less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.

5. Start With Protein
Enjoy plenty of quality protein at the beginning of each meal, especially breakfast to set the tone for healthy choices the rest of the day. Protein promotes fat burning, reduces cravings, and provides high satiation.

6. Befriend Natural Fats
Natural fats, especially animal fats, omega-3s and coconut fats, support fat loss, help stabilize blood sugar levels, prevent overeating and keep you full long after you eat.

Natural fats, especially animal fats, omega-3s and coconut fats, support fat loss, help stabilize blood sugar levels, prevent overeating and keep you full long after you eat.

7. Grab More Greens
Most people eat twice as many grains (especially refined grains) as they do greens. Include more veggies by juicing, adding to salads/snacks, and using for pasta, wraps and rolls.

8. Find Healthier Alternatives
Rather then forgetting your favorite foods, make some smart swaps. Examples include replacing table salt for sea salt and conventional sweeteners for cinnamon and stevia.

9. Plan To “Cheat”
Plan one to two cheat meals a week to indulge. If planning is a challenge, then abide by a 3 bite rule. This helps you feel more nourished and makes it easier to eat healthy the rest of the week.

10. Indulge in Antioxidants
Berries, cherries and dark chocolate are excellent antioxidant-rich indulgences. Try Chocolate Brownies, Berries, Cookies, Mousse, Pudding, or Cherry Ice Cream, Almond Balls, Cheesecake.

11. Learn to “Lemonize”
Add lemon juice to water, tea, salads, chicken, fish, and veggies for extra flavor. Lemons support weight loss, detoxification and digestion. Other digestive helpers includes: vinegar, bitters, enzymes and HCl.

12. Reduce Daily Toxins
Toxins are major fat loss inhibitors. Reduce toxins by filtering water, eating organic, passing on plastics and use EWG’s app to select healthier beauty, hygiene and household items.

13. Love Your Liver
First, get your bowels moving to prevent toxin reabsorption. Next, nourish your liver by eating antioxidant-rich, bitter, and cleansing foods. Aid your detox with a Detox Box, detox baths, saunas and coffee enemas.

14. Strengthen Gut Health
Good gut health is essential for good overall health. Identify and address underlying gut/digestive issues. Strengthen your gut with probiotics, cultured foods (kefir, kraut, kombucha), and homemade broth.

15. Test, Don’t Guess
Start with BioHealth 205 (Hormone) and 101 (Metabolic) labs. Functional labs eliminate symptoms at the source to restore health. Labs save time, money and frustration by taking out the “guess work.”

16. Get Better Sleep
Improve health by going to bed by 10:30 pm and aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Promote more restful sleep by creating a relaxing, clean, cool, comfortable and dark sleep environment. Wind down an hour before bed by relaxing and reducing artificial light (Himalayan salt lamp, f.lux).

17. Make Health Easy
Implement one change at a time so you can track what is or isn’t working. Make grocery shopping and cooking nearly effortless by signing up for Thrive Market, subscribing to Butcher Box and investing in anInstant Pot. Get help planning meals with Real Plans or try a Meal Delivery Service.

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