10 Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

Toxins wreak havoc on your body, your health, and the environment. Toxins come from air, water, food, beauty and hygiene products, and environmental chemicals. These endocrine disruptors can interfere with hormones and prevent your metabolism from running smoothly. Not only is it a good idea to ditch the processed, chemical-laden foods from your diet, but you also want to remove as many toxic sources from your home as possible.

Start reducing your toxic load and improving your overall health by following the 10 Lifestyle Tips below and evaluating your home with the Healthier Home Checklist.

10 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

1. Always read labels on all foods, supplements and non-food items you buy.
2. Filter your drinking water and consider filters for your showers too.
3. Purify your air with HEPA air purifiers, especially in the bedrooms.
4. Choose local and organic foods when available.
5. Minimize processed, refined foods.
6. Cut out toxic cookware and kitchen items.
7. Avoid artificial fragrances (air fresheners, candles, perfume, cologne, etc.).
8. Pass on plastics and BPA (storage containers, styrofoam, canned food, etc.).
9. Clean your home regularly with natural products such as lemons, vinegar and baking soda.
10. Pull the plug on pesticides, herbicides and other common yard toxins.

Healthier Home Checklist

Basic principle: If you cannot safely eat it, then you should not apply it to your skin or inhale it.

Overall Home

- Clean regularly using microfiber clothes, natural cleaners and a vacuum with a HEPA filter.
- Avoid artificial fragrances from air fresheners and candles. Switch to essential oils instead.
- Reduce plastics and avoid BPA.
- Refrain from wearing shoes in the house.
- Evaluate and search for healthier products on and
- Clean indoor air with HEPA air purifiers (especially for the bedrooms) and indoor plants.
- Choose natural fibers (cotton, wool, jute) over synthetic (polyester).
- Choose natural materials for furniture, pillows, bedding, blankets, etc.
- Test your indoor moisture levels with a moisture meter.
- Eliminate excess moisture with dehumidifiers and charcoal bags.
- Outdoors: avoid using pesticides, herbicides and other toxins by using more natural yard solutions.
- For homes build before 1978, have your home tested for lead-based paint.
- For dust allergies, clean your home regularly, wash bedding weekly and use dust mite encasing for all items that cannot be washed, such as pillows, mattresses and comforters.


- Always run your fan when using your stovetop.
- Select more natural dish detergent, dish soap and all-purpose cleaners.
- Use a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to determine if your water filter needs to be changed.
- Store your food and beverages in glass or BPA-free containers.
- Use reusable glass water bottles, produce bags and grocery totes.
- Choose non-toxic cookware and kitchen items. Glass, ceramic, enameled, and stainless steel.


- Always run the fan in your bathroom while you shower and after.
- Choose better Beauty and Hygiene Products, Sunscreen via and
- Use microfiber clothes to wash face and remove makeup.
- Use shower head filters to reduce contaminants, especially chlorine.

Laundry Room

- Use soap nuts and/or more natural for laundry detergent.
- Use wooly dryer balls and essential oils instead of dryer sheets.

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